About Us

Advanced Vacuum, a Plasma-Therm company since 2011, has long been known as a manufacturer of high-quality, economical open-load and load-lock plasma processing solutions. AV systems are installed around the world in commercial R&D labs, as well as in academic, scientific, and production facilities.

The Advanced Vacuum PlasmaPOD systems are the latest edition to Advanced Vacuum's equipment suite with RIE, PECVD, Sputter Deposition and Barrel Etch capabilities delivered in a bench-top footprint, ideally suited to University laboratories, space-constrained R&D labs and facilities with tight budgets.

The Advanced Vacuum Takachi SLR & Vision product lines deliver the full range of plasma process technologies, including RIE, ICP, PE, and PECVD and are now integrated with Plasma-Therm’s advanced control systems, including Cortex®, our proven process development expertise, and our worldwide service and support organization.

Advanced Vacuum’s Takachi SLR provides etching capabilities over a variety of materials and substrates. The small footprint, low cost, ease of use and superior performance makes the Takachi SLR ideal for a wide range of uniform, high quality ICP etch applications serving R&D, FA, prototyping, pilot line and low volume production. The Takachi SLR is ideal for numerous technologies such as Failure/Yield Analysis, Photonics, Solid State Lighting, MEMs, and Wireless ICP etch processing.